Human Reseources

March 21, 2021
How to Create Culture in a Restoration Business: Creating a Competitive Advantage
What is Culture If you’re a restoration business owner or manager, how many times over the course of your career have you asked an employee, “Do you have a minute?” I would assume that, like me, you cannot even come close to determining the number of times you have used this opening line to begin what may have been a difficult conversation. In a service delivery industry, like disaster restoration, these conversations happen often. Lets explore why “culture” matters, and then some tips for creating a strong culture in a restoration business. No one can argue that people are people, and as human beings, we will always struggle with having difficult conversations. The issues that every restoration business is facing currently make it much tougher to have difficult workplace conversations. The worldwide pandemic, economic uncertainty, family issues, health (physical and mental), and the fact that many employees are working from home for the first time ever all affect how to appropriately address performance issues and conduct effective, performance-related conversations. The Society for Human Resource Management’s Culture Report of 2019 states the following: Nearly 4 in 10 employed U.S. workers say their manager fails to frequently engage in honest conversation about