women industry leaders

June 7, 2021
Women In The Cleaning And Restoration Industry
The cleaning and restoration industry is moving in a positive direction as more women join the ranks in what was once considered a heavily male-dominated space. Beyond just working on restoration crews, more women are taking leadership positions on industry boards within the IICRC, RIA, and IRCA. This provides them opportunities to have a voice that directly impacts how restoration companies are run.  Some women are often asked “why” they’re choosing to work in a male-dominated industry. While the answers vary from person to person, here are some important points of consideration: Women Value Independence & Security We’re seeing more women take the reins in managing their own companies, and this goes beyond cleaning and restoration businesses. The reasons for starting and managing a business vary from attaining financial security, making a meaningful impact, securing independence and more. Women taking on leadership roles in the restoration space are using their voices to not only make a positive impact on the industry, but also secure a future for them and their families. Stereotypes Don’t Matter Women in the industry have faced incidents of being questioned when managing a restoration job, conducting a job interview, and making executive decisions. These assumptions can