restoration project manager

June 7, 2021
Women In The Cleaning And Restoration Industry
The cleaning and restoration industry is moving in a positive direction as more women join the ranks in what was once considered a heavily male-dominated space. Beyond just working on restoration crews, more women are taking leadership positions on industry boards within the IICRC, RIA, and IRCA. This provides them opportunities to have a voice that directly impacts how restoration companies are run.  Some women are often asked “why” they’re choosing to work in a male-dominated industry. While the answers vary from person to person, here are some important points of consideration: Women Value Independence & Security We’re seeing more women take the reins in managing their own companies, and this goes beyond cleaning and restoration businesses. The reasons for starting and managing a business vary from attaining financial security, making a meaningful impact, securing independence and more. Women taking on leadership roles in the restoration space are using their voices to not only make a positive impact on the industry, but also secure a future for them and their families. Stereotypes Don’t Matter Women in the industry have faced incidents of being questioned when managing a restoration job, conducting a job interview, and making executive decisions. These assumptions can
April 20, 2021
Restoring Profitability: 4 Tips To Improve The Profitability Of A Restoration Project Manager
Excellent Project Management = Profitability While also common in many ways, every cleaning and restoration project is unique. Each requires a different set of skills and training to handle appropriately. This is where the importance of a restoration project manager comes into play. Project managers deal with all the issues on the ground and are the key to making or breaking a restoration project. From our cleaning and restoration experts at Violand, here are four tips for improving the profitability of your restoration project managers. 1. Engage Your Team Members One of the essential aspects of effective teamwork is that every member of the team be engaged and have an important role This can be tricky on cleaning and restoration jobs since they are all different, and it’s hard to know exactly how many man-hours are needed for a job until you are already neck-deep in it. Nonetheless, it’s worth going well out of your way to train your restoration project managers on effective leadership skills so they can effectively engage all the restoration technicians on their team. 2. Base Your Analyses On The Numbers It’s incredibly common for business leaders to make critical decisions based on conjecture or a