Improving capacity and profitability

August 5, 2021
Elevate Your Company With Restoration Business Planning
Running a successful cleaning and restoration business does not come easy. It takes grit, a talented crew, the right equipment, and a detailed business plan. Not only does a plan help your business run efficiently, but it can help increase your profits, boost your reputation, and grow your customer base.   When it comes to restoration business planning, we at Violand Management Associates know what it takes to elevate your business. Through a series of training programs, retreats, and courses, we can create a customized plan for your company. We offer expertise in the following areas: Business Analysis We will walk you through a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and perform a detailed evaluation of the current financial position of your business. This information will help you make educated decisions and make any changes moving forward.  Marketing Plan Investing in a solid marketing strategy can help your profits grow immensely. If you have never considered marketing as part of your overall business strategy, now is a good time to shift that mindset. Marketing may seem daunting to first-timers, but there’s no need to fear. We will walk you through analysis, sales goals, a budget, and strategies for the coming year.
May 23, 2021
Two Minds Are Better Than One: How Advisory Services Can Grow Your Restoration Business
It’s common to be hesitant about bringing an outside party into your business. No one likes to change how they’ve been doing things, but you’d be amazed at the progress you can make by implementing just a few simple changes. We at Violand are dedicated to helping you do just that. Here are a handful of simple ways that we can help you grow your restoration business. A Trusted Partner You Can Rely On Managing your business is a high-stakes endeavor. You want to do everything you can to succeed for yourself and for your employees. One of the best things you can do to increase your likelihood for success is work with a trusted partner with valuable experience in the industry. That’s what we at Violand are all about! Along with the specific advising we offer, we also know it’s important for you to simply have someone on your team helping you succeed. Just as partnership with us can help you with this, it’s also smart to surround yourself with other trusted partners you can count on to help you succeed.  Financial and KPI Reviews Unless you have a background in finance, managing the nitty-gritty financial details for your
April 20, 2021
Restoring Profitability: 4 Tips To Improve The Profitability Of A Restoration Project Manager
Excellent Project Management = Profitability While also common in many ways, every cleaning and restoration project is unique. Each requires a different set of skills and training to handle appropriately. This is where the importance of a restoration project manager comes into play. Project managers deal with all the issues on the ground and are the key to making or breaking a restoration project. From our cleaning and restoration experts at Violand, here are four tips for improving the profitability of your restoration project managers. 1. Engage Your Team Members One of the essential aspects of effective teamwork is that every member of the team be engaged and have an important role This can be tricky on cleaning and restoration jobs since they are all different, and it’s hard to know exactly how many man-hours are needed for a job until you are already neck-deep in it. Nonetheless, it’s worth going well out of your way to train your restoration project managers on effective leadership skills so they can effectively engage all the restoration technicians on their team. 2. Base Your Analyses On The Numbers It’s incredibly common for business leaders to make critical decisions based on conjecture or a