July 1, 2021
Overcoming Hiring Challenges In The Restoration Industry
When it comes to hiring capable and motivated people in the cleaning and restoration industry, the task is much easier said than done. With an increasing shortage of individuals pursuing trade jobs, the talent available is in short supply. As a boss or hiring manager, how do you find the talent necessary to run a successful business? How do you decrease the employee turnover rate? How do you manage a winning team? From the team at Violand, here are some tips on finding and hiring the right employees for your cleaning and restoration business.  Make Your Company Known Step up your hiring game and make your job openings known through multiple channels and platforms. We live in a digital-friendly business environment that makes advertising jobs easier. Be sure to establish a strong presence online that allows you to share your brand and expertise to all your potential hires. Building an online presence takes time and persistence, but it will pay off in the long run by helping you recruit qualified hires. Don’t Cut Corners In The Hiring Process While it may be tempting to hire anyone who submits a resume, avoid taking shortcuts in your hiring process. It’s a risk