Josh Bachman

February 28, 2022
5 Tips – How to Select Restoration Software
Something New Josh Bachman As a kid, I absolutely loved Legos. Specifically, I loved the Space Legos—rockets, moon landers, space stations. If they could blast me off this Earth and start my space odyssey, I had to have them! One year my well-intentioned family bought me a City Lego set, and I found myself at a juvenile crossroads. How do I incorporate a city hall in the middle of my Mars outpost? Do I even need a fire station on Saturn? As restoration professionals I feel as though we often find ourselves in a similar situation when it comes to our software systems and the flashy new products that are brought to market seemingly week in and week out. How do we find time to filter through the options, incorporate a new platform into our existing system, and settle on the right package that will set our company up for the future growth we are working so diligently toward? Here are a few suggestions from my own experience that you may find useful in your journey. Stop looking for perfection. I’m going to break it to you right now: the perfect software package does not exist, at least not yet.